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Do You Need Help with Your WordPress Website?

Keep your WordPress website safe, secure and up-to-date with the Slingshot Digital Design Maintenance service.

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WordPress Security and Maintenance Service California – Located in San Clemente – Orange County

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WordPress Support

We can help you maintain your website. We can post your provided content on time and on schedule.

WordPress Maintenance

Stop security issues before they happen. We will fix any potential risks by hardening your WordPress installation.

Fix Hacks & Malware

We specialize in cleaning up malware and fixing a hacked site. Not fixing this can cause serious SEO problems.

24/7 Monitoring

This service will scan your site daily for any malicious threats that may arise. Stay ahead of the hackers!

Are you too busy running your business to keep up with constant WordPress updates and security concerns?

Slingshot Digital Design Can Help!

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Key features / benefits:

  • WordPress Updates
  • Fix plug-in conflicts/errors
  • Malware Cleanup
  • DDoS / Brute force protection
  • Blacklist Removal
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring
  • HTTP and HTTPS support

Plans and Pricing

Wordpress Maintenance Plans

What is a Project?

A small project refers to any minor modification or web development task under 30 minutes in time.
Examples are adding a new picture, changing the font colors in your main menu, swapping a new logo on the site, etc.

Anytime a project request exceeds 30 minutes we have two options:
If the project is going to take more than 1 hour to finish, we will quote the amount of time necessary to complete the project and with the clients approval we will finish the job at our discounted hourly rate of $99/hour.

If the project is going to take around an hour to complete, we look at the clients small project usage over the past few months, and in some instances we can complete the job for free.

What does Publishing cover?

Publishing covers the creation of new content on your website. This could be a new blog post, a news article, a new product, a new page a new photo gallery, you name it.Our publishing team makes sure your new content is:
• SEO friendly (Search Engine Optimized).
• Images are resized and compressed for the web.
• Videos can be embedded from YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
• Valid html and css.
• No spelling mistakes.

Prices are based on 12 month annual contract

* Services only available with Slingshot Digital Hosting

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