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WordPress Site Speed Optimization

Slingshot Digital makes WordPress Websites Among the Fastest in the World.


Does your site measure up?

Our Website Speed Score
Benefits of a Fast Web Site
• Higher organic ranking
• Reduced Bounce Rate
• Higher Conversions
• Happy Customers

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Here’s a Few of Our WordPress Speed Optimized Websites

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Does Your Page Speed Impact SEO?

Speed is very important, in 2010 Google has made it known that speed is a ranking factor and is a core quality signal in their algorithm.

Slow loading web sites will not rank for competitive search terms.

Having a fast web site not only matters to Google, but also your customers. Most visitors will “bounce” off your site when your pages take too long to load.

Fast, Clean Design

Having an easy to use website is more important than ever now. A slow loading, poorly designed site will not only upset your customers, but can negatively effect your SEO efforts. How fast is your site?

We’ll make your WordPress site faster, Guaranteed.

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Having a fast Site Speed Improves User Experience.

Google is tracking the performance on each page of your site (even if you don’t use Google Analytics) pages that load load typical also have poor performance metrics. This can be be a “double whammy” and cause your pages to be buried in the SERPs.

For large online retailers, a small increase of one second resulted in a 2% conversion increase. Just think how many sales or leads you may be leaving on the table because you have a slow-loading site.

We are experts at WordPress speed optimization, contact us now to discuss your website.

Checkout your WordPress site now on PageSpeed Insights!

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